About Riki

Riki is a 20-something multiply disabled queer person who hates writing about themselves almost as much as they love getting extremely involved in things.

Riki has a very strong love for wheelchair rugby, playing on their provincial team for 2 years, and now working to become more involved in initiatives for women in wheelchair rugby, parasport and sport in general. Riki and other women from the Prairie league were able to put together the first Women’s team in Canada, the Rugby Barbies, who were able to win their game against the guys.

Riki is a strong advocate for disability rights, especially for autistic rights and for autistics to be the ones discussing their lives.

Riki’s advocacy work includs the local, national, and international levels, and includes founding and co-leading the Winnipeg chapter of ASAN and speaking at a United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities side event on restraint and seclusion in Geneva Switwerland.

Riki loves discussing and looking at adaptivenes along with disability, including adaptive sports, technology, and fashion.  As a result of this interest Riki is a brand ambassador for the adaptive fashion company, IZ adaptive

Riki has always been a creative person, and enjoys writing and occasionally performs spoken word.  They also enjoy art of a variety of mediums, and are slowly starting to create jewelry, paper craft, and various arts and crafts for fun and with the hopes of eventually having a small business, which you can check out on Facebook.

Riki often jokes about “working 24/7 for my communities, in advocacy, policy, community building, mentorship, more things than I can remember or keep track of right now, a combination of too much but not enough.”  As is often the case, especially for marginalized people, this is all unpaid work, and Riki lives in Poverty.  The last thing Riki would want is for people to feel like their support is obligatory.  It’s not and never will be.  However, in order to continue to support and fight for the community, they are reaching out to the community for support.