About Riki

Riki is a 20-something multiply disabled queer person who dislikes writing about themselves almost as much as they love being extremely involved in things.

After becoming a wheelchair user in their early twenties, Riki joined the local wheelchair rugby team, developing a strong love of both parasport and Wheelchair Rugby.  In February 2016 Riki and others from the Prairie league were able to put together Canada’s first Wheelchair Rugby Women’s team during Calgary’s “Inferno” wheelchair rugby tournament.

Riki is a strong advocate for disability rights, especially for autistic rights and for autistics to be the ones discussing their lives.

Riki’s advocacy work includes the local, national, and international levels, and Riki helped to found and co-lead a chapter of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  before the group transitioned to Canadian Autistics United , Canada’s first Autistic led  national Autism organization.  After helping to establish stronger Autistic self-advocacy on a local and national level here in Canada, Riki is currently focused on national and international advocacy, with a strong desire to see Autistics with multiple disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and multiply marginalized Autistics better represented and included in advocacy work.  As both a leader in Autistic Self Advocacy in Canada and an Autistic with Cognitive disabilities along with other disabilities, Riki is hoping to help create opportunities for all Autistics, and to network and work with other marginalized Autistics in Canada.  Riki has spoken at the United Nations committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on the topic of restraint and Seclusion and was a delegate at the World Health Organization 8th Violence Prevention Milestones Meeting.  Riki continues to be involved with the United Nations and other international organizations.

Riki loves discussing and looking at adaptivenes along with disability, including adaptive sports, technology, and fashion.  As a result of this interest Riki was a brand ambassador for the adaptive fashion company, IZ adaptive until it went on indefinite hiatus in early 2017.

Riki has always been a creative person, and enjoys writing and occasionally performs spoken word.  They also enjoy art of a variety of mediums, and are slowly starting to create jewelry, paper craft, and various arts and crafts for fun and with the hopes of eventually having a small business, which you can check out on Facebook.

Riki also explores disability through art as well as how art can impact disability.  

Riki often jokes about “working 24/7 for my communities, in advocacy, policy, community building, mentor-ship, more things than I can remember or keep track of right now, a combination of too much but not enough.”  As is often the case, especially for marginalized people, this is all unpaid work, and Riki lives in Poverty.  The last thing Riki would want is for people to feel like their support is obligatory.  It’s not and never will be.  However, in order to continue to support and fight for the community, they are reaching out to the community for support. (this section will be updated)