Find me Elsewhere

This page remains under construction, but here are some things that I have written, worked on, or have had the privilege of being part of.

Things about me and that I have been a part of:

Her Turn is a Website that focuses on the stories and experiences of Autistic Women and Girls.  Currently the narrative around Autism is mostly focused boys, as children are often the focus, and when adults are mentioned, it is usually Men.  Her Turn is run by an ally (a non- autistic person), who is working with autistic women and girls to change this narrative.  You can find my story here.

New Mobility Magazine wrote a great article about Women in Wheelchair Rugby including myself and several other players from both Canada and the US.

More things I wrote:

I wrote a review during Disability in Kidlit‘s Autism event in April 2015 on the YA novel Rules by Cynthia lord.